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“Demoscene – The Amiga Years is a book that tackles an interesting part of the retro computing history, the demoscene, specifically the one related to the Commodore Amiga and will cover the making of the best demos as well as the history of the most emblematic and best-known groups of the demoscene.”


“Demoscene the Amiga years volume 1 by editions64k.fr is an enormous 450-page book that showcases the spectacular audio-visual demos that established Commodore’s Amiga as the world’s most psychedelic computer.”


“Christophe Boucourt of Editions 64K recently dropped this beautiful work of art and significant historical document. The quality of the print, paper and assembly is fantastic. The combination of the tactile feedback from the book’s texture, the intense smell of a freshly cut and glued hard copy book and considering the gorgeous pictures and legendary content from all those Amiga demos I grew up with and loved made my heart race.

So much more than merely a book, it’s an experience of nostalgia and pride.
A historical document of the Pioneers of Multimedia.”

Danko / Fairlight


“This is by far the best retro book i have and am loving the stories that go with the demos. What came out of the demo scene was truly art—wow 30 years ago. and I can remember waiting downloading and uncompromising these files to watch the magic. what these groups accomplished was amazing with the primitive tools and low level coding.”


“Although I was an Atari ST owner back then, I caught wind of this campaign and saw in it the perfect way to discover what “the other side” was doing. Respect to those amazing crews and respect to Editions 64K. The book looks and even feels impressive. Liked the bonus stuff too, and ultra professional shipment. Do keep me informed as to when Volume 2 appears on Indiegogo!”
Richard Karsmakers

“Great work! Already looking forward to volume 2 ;)”
Johan Roirand


“What a wonderful piece of art. So far I have only skimmed it but I know from what I have read so far this has been very well executed. Thank you so much for such a professional result.”
Michael Parker


“I love the book – thank you so much. It brings back some really nice memories of my early teen years in the early 90s. I love the interviews too.”
Simon Mullis


“Working my way through the excellent book ‘Demoscene the Amiga Years Volume 1 by Editions 64K. Highly recommended.
Bringing back lots of great memories from the Amiga days, you can never have too much Anarchy in your life ;-)”

Lee Thacker


“おフランスから荷物が届いたザンス。 #DEMOSCENE THE AMIGA YEARS VOL.1 1984-1993 全頁カラーのズッシリ本だったザンス。”


“Thanks for the delivery… awesome book… lots of memories!”
Fader Factory


“Love that new book smell! Brilliant release by Editions 64K. I wasn’t exactly part of this generation but was heavily influenced by it.”
Diogo Teixeira


“What a beautiful book! Thanks, Editions 64K! Need to watch some Amiga demos tonight.”
Oliver Hermanni


“Damn it’s gonna be hard to go back to work now!”


“Non potete immaginare l’incredibile emozione di ricevere questo meraviglioso tomo di 450 pagine, totalmente dedicato alla scena demo Amiga. Sono stato letteralmente travolto da un mare di ricordi… maledetta nostalgia canaglia! Thank you so much Editions 64K. Amiga rulez forever!”


“Ohhhhhhhh, just arrived on the other side of the Atlantic. Beautiful book…. RedSectorInc forever!”


“Thank Editions 64K for the wonderful Book about The Amiga Demoscene, excellent quality and a great fun to read/watch/remember!”


“Today is a good day. Thank you Editions 64K for this gem of a timecapsule!”


“Thank you Editions 64K for sending me back 30 years ago! Coding on Amiga was so great, and it was a real pleasure to work in the DRD Team with talented people like Moby, Zebig, Antony, and many others!”
Redlight / Dreamdealers


“Newest release by Editions 64K is looking gorgeous in my bookshelf.”
Microzeit Publishing


“Hop i well got the fantastic book i go to read! thanx a lot for paquet build, fantastic book and the time i will spend to read it! <3”
Steff Para


“I just got – ‘DEMOSCENE: The AMIGA Years’ book from Editions 64K and it’s so good. I enjoyed helping with the book with some historical info & photos. Seeing a dozen of our productions throughout and the words of other Anarchy guys such as KREATOR and KREST is such a buzz. KREATOR talks about joining the AMIGA scene from the ’64 and his first demo, the groundbreaking ‘Phantasmagoria’ he made with legendary musician 4Mat. It’s not a book about ‘us’ though, it’s about the whole Amiga demoscene and chronicles the best works from ALL the groups. The book is packed, high quality, brilliantly photographed and smells like a new book should. “
Judge Drokk / Anarchy


“Eine Gruppe von französischen Demoscene-Fans hat 2020 ein faszinierendes Crowdfunding-Project auf die Beine gestellt: Ein Buch über die AMIGA-Demoscene, das die Jahre 1984-93 abdeckt. Da ich mit dem AMIGA Ende der 1980er Jahre aufgewachsen bin, habe ich die Demos geliebt, die die Fähigkeiten des Computers präsentiert hatten. Die Megademos von Budbrain, TRSI, Fairlight, Scoopex, Kefrens, Spaceballs‘ 9Fingers u.a. gehörten damals wie heute zu meinen Favoriten.

Vor wenigen Tagen ist mein Exemplar angekommen. Das Buch mit seinem edlen Hardcover-Einband mit silberner Prägung zeigt auf über 450 (!) Seiten die besten Szenen von über 90 der bekanntesten AMIGA-Demos. Zu den Demos sowie den Machern gibt es jeweils umfangreiche Hintergrundinfos (in englischer Sprache).”