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Demoscene The Amiga renaissance
Volume 3 1997-2024

The last volume closing the history of Amiga demoscene.
Available in June 2024


Demoscene: The logo art


Demoscene The Amiga years

Demoscene The AGA years

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Legendary groups
Crionics, Sanity, Melon dezign, Anarchy, Andromeda, Fairlight
The Slients, Alcatraz, Kefrens, Lemon, Rebels, Razor 1911...
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Discover numerous pictures of demos through more than 450 pages as well as contributions of sceners
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Find the most talented sceners of the Amiga years

The story

Discover the evolution of the Amiga demos throughout the years

The books

Format 165×230mm more than 450 pages


Hardcover edition, offset printing, sewn binding, Soft touch front + UV coating


Exclusive pack of postcards and bookmarks, with full color printing


Deliveries available in Europe, United States, Australia and all over the world


Volume 2 Demoscene the AGA years 1994-1996

The Amiga Demoscene, from its inception, has always evolved with the times, and reinvented itself, always pushing the limits of Commodore’s flagship machine. From the Megademo, at the end of the 80s, to trackmos in the 90s, 1994 was the beginning of a new development for the Demoscene, with many demos released that used all the power of the Amiga 1200.

The Amiga 1200 was released in October 1992, and was the third generation of Amiga for the home market. Like its Amiga 500 brother, it was designed to be a single box solution, incorporating the keyboard, processor, chipset, floppy disk drive, expansion ports internal and external, and support for an internal hard disk. The 68020 processor running at 14MHz was supported by 2MB of memory, AmigaOS 3, and the new Amiga Advanced Graphics Architecture – AGA.

Demoscene the AGA Years is the second volume of our series dedicated to the Amiga demoscene. In 1992 the arrival of the Amiga 1200 piqued the interest of several demo groups and many coders, graphic designers and musicians. Some abandoned the Amiga 500 entirely to focus exclusively on the Amiga 1200. The arrival of this new model was a notable improvement, with the overall power of the machine being quadrupled thanks to a stronger processor operating at a faster speed and higher speed RAM. The color palette of the AGA chipset increases to 16,777,216 – or 24-bit – colour too, giving the demomakers a new playground in which to create.

Volume 1 Demoscene the Amiga years  1984-1993

Say « Boing » and fans of the Amiga think of the first demo, written in 1984 by Dale Luck and RJ Mical for a prototype displayed at CES, that used the machine’s unique hardware capabilities to create smooth animated 3D graphics with stereo sound. It was hugely important to the machine’s success, and captured people’s imagination – and a generation used the Amiga to express their creativity and ingenuity.

The Amiga demoscene thrived and evolved, and this book chronicles many of the scene’s favourites from multiple groups through interviews with their creators: coders, producers, artists, musicians from many countries are included. 450 full colour gloss pages in a quality hardback binding.

Demoscene the Amiga years reflects the making of the best demos as well as the history of the most emblematic and best known groups of the demoscene. Discover numerous pictures of demos through more than 450 pages as well as contributions of “sceners”. This book is the first volume covering the years 1984 to 1993 with about 90 demos amongst the most famous and popular ones.

Details about books


High quality book printing High quality pictures 300DPI


More than 90 demos and intros exposed


Hardcover edition offset printing and sewn binding


Soft touch front
UV coating 135g glossy coated paper


Finished format 165×230mm
2mm cardboard cover


Postcards pack R/V 250g coated semi-matte
Bookmarks pack R/V 250g coated semi-matte

Some demos

Read about groups such as Crionics, Sanity, Melon dezign, Anarchy, Andromeda, Fairlight, The Silents, Alcatraz, Kefrens, Lemon, Rebels, Spaceball, Razor 1911…. as well as many other groups.


Arte / Sanity

The Party / 1993
Code: Mr. Pet, Chaos, McDeal
Graphics: Ra
Music: Moby

Demon download / The silents

February 1993
Code: The Master, Bionic
Graphics: Devilstar, John Doe
Music: The Master

The Tetris intro / Melon dezign

The Party / 1992
Code: Bannasoft
Graphics: Seen
Music: The Dark Knight

Hardwired / Crionics – Silents

The Party / 1991
Code: Deftronic, Murphy, Saxs, The Spy…
Graphics: Zycho, Mikael Balle, Sionic
Music: Jesper Kyd

Global trash / Anarchy

Amiga Summit Convention 1991
Code: Sunjohn
Graphics: Jesper Kyd, Mikael Balle, Sionic
Music: Jesper Kyd

Megademo III / North Star & Fairlight

January 1989
Code: Atom, Black Shadow, Celebrandil…
Graphics: Atom, Dagger, Hobbit…
Music: Exolon, Jazze, Kaktus…

  • 5 Star Review  Livre très classieux, photos magnifiques. Je me suis surpris à faire de belles découvertes. Merci pour ce magnifique livre que je recommande à tout fan d'Amiga.
    Une version dans la langue de Molière aurait été un plus pour moi.
    Bravo pour tout ce travail et encore MERCI

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

    5 Star Review  I really enjoyed volume 1 and volume 2 is great too. I backed through Indiegogo and got the extra postcards, which look really nice. And the book itself is really well made, with the handy QR codes and so many great interviews with the sceners. It gives a really good flavour of how the Amiga demoscene was developing and making use of the new AGA hardware. Top work.

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

    5 Star Review  Two books on the Amiga demo scene that are simply awesome!
    Lots of images, drawings, making of and more.
    Wonderful !

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    8 July 2022
  • 5 Star Review  Beautifully designed an very informative – I really love both books!

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

    5 Star Review  belle impression ,papier agreable,beaux reflets et la pochette de cartes qu'elle surprise.

    Demoscene the logo art
    thumbNoirot Boris
    17 January 2024

    5 Star Review  I ordered Book2 and two sets of cards and it almost got lost in the mail, but wih great help of the people of Editions 64k I eventually received it.They even put some extra goodies with it!Thank you soo much!!!
    Then the book, like book 1 it is simply stunning, the quality is great, the prints are sharp and colourful, I read some of the stories and they are a trip down memory lane.The cards are beautiful too.Highly recommended (I'd say mandatory for any Amiga freak)!

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    22 August 2022
  • 5 Star Review  I’m great full that this books don’t exclude any of the countries active in that years. It’s a good position for everyone involved into scene but also for any enthusiasts!

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

    5 Star Review  great work, many interresting interviews and high quality pictures (like the first book)
    as a non Amiga user, i discovered many demos i missed and the past of people i knew on PC scene

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

    5 Star Review  Amazing quality books, clearly put together by a team who are passionate about the subject matter. Absolutely loved reading through and reliving so many great memories from the demoscene. Looking forward to the next one!

    Demoscene the Amiga years vol. 1
    9 May 2023
  • 5 Star Review  Excellent book!

    Demoscene the logo art
    31 January 2024

    5 Star Review  The quality and feel of this book is spot on. Breathtaking fotos and interesting text to it. Supercool with the QR codes. I’m looking forward to vol 3 👍🏼

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    thumbLars Rabech
    18 August 2022

    5 Star Review  Just love it!!!

    waiting for vol III :-)

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    11 July 2022
  • 5 Star Review  I have bought both edition! Amazing books! Amazing Quality.

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

    5 Star Review  I hesitated to buy these books for a long time, but in the end I didn't regret it. I grew up with the Amiga and the demo scene was an important part of my youth (I'm almost 50 now). Reading the book and watching the corresponding demos on YouTube at the same time gave me a lot of great dejavu. The background information on the respective programmers, graphic designers and musicians is also very interesting, although there could have been a little more of it. I bought the first two parts together and am looking forward to the third part being released.

    Demoscene the AGA years
    thumbPeter W.
    5 February 2024

    5 Star Review  Awesome work, really brings the memories back!

    Demoscene the AGA years vol. 2
    9 July 2022

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