Demoscene The Amiga years Vol. 1

Demoscene the Amiga Years vol. 1

Demoscene the Amiga Years vol. 1


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Say “Boing” and fans of the Amiga think of the first demo, written in 1984 by Dale Luck and RJ Mical for a prototype displayed at CES, that used the machine’s unique hardware capabilities to create smooth animated 3D graphics with stereo sound. It was hugely important to the machine’s success, and captured people’s imagination – and a generation used the Amiga to express their creativity and ingenuity. The Amiga demoscene thrived and evolved, and this book chronicles many of the scene’s favourites from multiple groups through interviews with their creators: coders, producers, artists, musicians from many countries are included. 450 full colour gloss pages in a quality hardback binding.


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